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Jinx Vexx (Inmate Hoodie) says: 

"this is THE SOFTEST most amazing hoodie ever. I LOVE it. and it came super fast. LOVE LOVE LOVE."

Amy (Vorpal Bag order) says: 

"I just wanted to advise the Vorpal Bag arrived today & wow - it's amazing. It feels & looks wonderful & the packaging/presentation is phenomenal. I am so pleased with it. Thank you so much."

Dan S. (Vorpal Bag order) says: 

"Just letting you know that I received my Vorpal Bag today. The packaging was great, it seems like a lot of care was taken to keep the bag in pristine shape.  I thought the white box was handsome, and appreciated the canvas bag as well.  All the protruding metal parts of the bag were covered so as to prevent damage, which was a nice touch.

All the stitching was perfect.  I looked all through the bag with an eye towards that but couldn't find a single problem stitch.  It really speaks well towards the professional skills of the crafters that this bag came out so well.  I could easily see a bag of this quality and aesthetic design being worth $300 or more.  If you would, let Yeni know that I'm very pleased with the bag and I feel like it is worth more than the price I paid for it.  It is obvious that it was produced with a lot of love."



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