You've probably come here wondering about the people who run this online shop. Maybe you're concerned that this shop and its products aren't real? Well, here's where you'll find all the proof you need to know that we're a real shop run by real people! 

First, here's our family! These are the people who own and run this online store.


That guy is game designer American McGee. And that lady is his wife, fashion designer Yeni Zhang, The boy with the silly face is named Lucky Jack McGee and the grumpy-faced girl is Leeloo McGee (photo circa August 2022).

We're real people making real products, many of which are based on  themes and narrative elements from American's most beloved fairy-tale inspired creations. We also present a unique collection of clothing, jewelry, and plush toys (Plushie Dreadfuls) designed by a team of artists and designers led by Yeni.

Founded in 2015, Mysterious (the company behind Plushie Dreadfuls) is a Delaware, USA LLC with its headquarters in Shanghai, China. We employ a team of artists and designers around the globe - in America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and China - to produce original designs we sell exclusively via the Mysterious Online Shop. 

The rest of the Mysterious Team includes:  

Martin B. - Customer Support Manager - If you have a question about our products or encounter a problem with your order, Martin and his team will assist you. Just click on the "? Support" button you find on every page of our site and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Jennifer D'aww - Head of Marketing and our Lead Plush Designer - If you've seen our ads on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you can thank Jen. And she's the one who produces all the initial sketches for our Plushie Dreadfuls. 

Alex Crowley - Artist & Designer - Alex produces everything from our branding (logos, web content/layout), to our digital marketing materials and a variety of product designs. 

Coza - Artist & Designer - Coza produces product designs, marketing images, and more! 

Yuna - Product Sourcing and Oversite - Yuna works directly with our factory partners to insure they maintain our high standards of quality and safety. 

Shirley Li - Shipping Manager - When you place an order it goes to our fulfilment center where Shirley ensures it's carefully packaged and sent on its way. 

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We hope that provides you enough information to determine that we are real people and this is a real shop selling real products.

You can find more details about our design goals and philosophies over on the Common Questions and Concerns Page.  

Still have questions? You can Contact Us directly if needed.